Way of Council: Pulling it Together / Rob Dreaming, Jaro Vatay

26.9.2019 @ 20:00 – 29.9.2019 @ 11:30
Chalupa Ondřejovka

Intermediate council practice. This residential council practice will focus on what brings us together. Rather than just talking about things, we will embody our communication to connect deeply through council, creating a direct act of integrity, alignment and support in the world. Working together in a generative way, we will actively engage with
– how we can align with the „yes and…“ build trust in relationships of common intent
– what creates integration in a circle, including shadow
– the role-model we aspire to, and practice to walk it
– the impact of our communication, games and the importance of diversity
– high interest in the collective intelligence and how individual and group-work can manifest a unified field of sustained attention, that will lead to change

what to look for
what to listen for
what to connect to
what to value and share
what brings resilience and;
how we can add to the fundamental principles that support social cohesion across generations and global terrain

The consistent practice of Council sets a platform for acquiring strategic vision, discovering shared purpose, creating community spirit, truthfulness and commitment in the workplace – it supports decision making, conflict exploration, acknowledgement of achievements and provides safe boundaries for the often unexpressed needs of individuals and their organizations.

* Intermediate means that participants must have either an introduction to council training or be in the regular practice of some form of circle-work.

For more info visit https://bit.ly/2ZbLS9I
or contact Eva Dittingerova, evadittingerova(at)gmail.com, mob. +420 608 838 064


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