AMS Montessori Teacher Training – Early Childhood

6.7.2020 @ 08:00 – 17.7.2020 @ 17:15
Institut Duhovka

AMS affiliated and MACTE accredited international teacher training for Montessori teachers in Prague, Czech Republic is open to current and future Montessori teachers from all over Europe and beyond.

The program lasts from July 2020 to July 2022.

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Course Outline
The program is comprised of an academic and practicum phase. Each level has a specific schedule of courses and required hours. Two or three summer sessions are supplemented by additional seminars through the school year. Subject manuals are created during training, and two required projects are done during the practicum phase.

Coursework includes a combination of lecture, presentation, and supervised practice sessions. Assignments are done individually and in small groups. The academic part of the program includes some online learning components.

The valuable practicum phase offers a guided experience, during which the Adult Learner combines their academic knowledge, including philosophy and methodology, with practical class experience. These components synthesize to develop a competent and talented Montessori guide.

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